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Things That You Have To Remember About Rhinoplasty

Modern surgery solutions have come as a great relief to the problems that we have with our appearance, and it is definitely one of the greatest achievements of the century. In that way, nose job also technically known as rhinoplasty is also one of the remarkable steps in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. However, rhinoplasty is not an easy job. You shall have to remember the fact that no nose job ever was declared perfect. Surgeons always make an attempt to go close to perfection. So here are some of the things that you have to remember if you are taking a nose job.

Before the surgery:

Just like you have a preparatory routine for other surgeries, nose job also requires some preparation. It, in fact, starts a little early here. Avoids tablets and other habits like smoking the act against your respiration. This can also lead to breathing suffocation after the surgery and prevents healing. So make sure you act as per the surgeon’s advice before the surgery. Make sure that you have some accompany you during the whole process. It is not a great idea take things all by yourself at least for a couple of months after the surgery.

After the surgery:

The first thing that you have to understand is that there will always be post-treatment trauma and you will eventually get over it. Some of the effects that you face after the surgery might seem a little too much and at time abnormal, but it is very much natural for a nose job, and you shall have to endure it. Also, remember to make sure that you are always breathing the easy way. Nose job recovery takes a lot of time, and quick healing depends on how well you take care of it.

  1. Carry a lot of Vaseline that you can apply on the nose to stop the itching
  2. You will be forced to breathe through your mouth as the normal breathing habits might be suffocating. Do carry lip balm to avoid lip cracks and dry lips.
  3. Your diet matters a lot. Make sure you take soft food and make sure you consume liquid food predominantly.
  4. Since it a nose job you are not allowed to strain while there is a nature’s call. Stained excretion is also a result of the tablets that you are consuming right now. So make sure that you compensate for all of it with proper diet.
  5. Always keep yourself adequately hydrated and make sure that you are sleeping in proper positions.

Facts about Rhinoplasty:

Though we hinted about this in the introduction, it is worth a repeat. When it comes to a nose job, you cannot expect the exact output that you are looking for. Surgeons agree with the fact that there is nothing called a perfect nose job and surgeons will always be able to land at 90% perfection. There are also good chances that your nose job might fail to fulfill the required standards or the expectations and the surgeons might as well suggest a redo. So consider the facts before you decide to get your nose surged.

Myths About Rhinoplasty That You Have To Be Broken

Rhinoplasty is one of the major face job surgeries that are carried out globally. It is after the advent of these surgeries people have had the liberty to alter their face and make it appear the way they want. While not all might opt for surgery, it is true that a considerable amount of people are quite happy with this surgery. But we live in a world where people love to cook up and create their own beliefs and sadly rhinoplasty is also not an exception to it. So here are some of the myths about rhinoplasty that have to be broken.

It’s a woman’s thing:

Rhinoplasty is not something that is designed only for the women. Many people across the globe who are not too much into the field are under the impression that it is only the woman who involves themselves in all these types of surgeries. But the fact is that an equal number of men are also involved in all these activities and the idea that rhinoplasty is a feline thing is a myth. Men are also self-conscious.

You can look like someone else:

We will here have to admit the fact that even noses can change from one person to the other person. So when people are opting for nose surgery, there are good chances that they might expect to make their nose look the way their favorite celebrity’s nose looks like. However, if you are opting for a surgeon who is experienced and practice ethical behavior shall be totally against it and will not advocate that as well.

All you have to be is a surgeon:

This is again a very wrong belief that people have when it comes to rhinoplasty. Though a person has expertise in facial surgery, he has to qualify himself in rhinoplasty in order to perform a nose job. Not all facial surgeons can carry out a rhinoplasty. So even if you are picking a surgeon, make sure you go for someone who is an expert in rhinoplasty and is adequately qualified and experienced to do it.

Long-term breathing issues:

People also believe that post-rhinoplasty one might have long-term or permanent breathing issues and that is the reason as to why they advise not to take up rhinoplasty. But the truth is entirely different. Post-surgery it is true that you might have breathing issues. However, that is very much temporary. If you act according to the instructions given to you, you can definitely get over it at the earliest.

Rhinoplasty is a painful process:

You will almost know nothing when the operation takes place. Anesthesia is administered before the surgery, and the patient will never feel the pain during the surgery. Even after the surgery, the patient will only have discomfort that will remain for a few weeks after the surgery.

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